Please DO NOT Feed The Horses Decal

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I have had this idea for a while now, and when I saw the CVFC posting about people not listening to the "Do Not Feed The Horses signs, I had to kick it in high gear to get this design done.

I want it to help educate people as to why the CVFC has those signs up, cause as stated "They aren't there to be pretty". So each decal and koozie will come with a card explaining why people should not feed the horses, regardless if they are at the Carnival Grounds or out on Assateague! I care for the well being of these horses as I know a lot of you guys do too, and it sucks that people think they can do as they please.
All proceeds from this design will be given to the CVFC to help fund their efforts to help keep the Chincoteague Ponies safe and healthy!
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